Our goal is to make sure all our clients & customers have a clear and ongoing understanding of:

  • The rationale behind the investment options that we have selected together in pursuit of your financial goals.
  • How the allocation aligns with your time horizon and tolerance for risk.
  • What the costs of those investments are and how much our firm is earning on each investment option you have.
  • When I will communicate with you regarding your investments. We'll agree on when and how many times each year we hold a review of your accounts (quarterly, semi-annually, annually).


Get Organized

We will help you locate all your investments and give you an update on what they are and how they work for you. This is so we can avoid any potential problems long before you need the assets for retirement.

Create a Clear Retirement Goal

What does your dream retirement look like? We have simplified the process to help our clients gain the opportunity to know exactly what it takes for them to retire. You may be under the incorrect assumption that your pension or 401(k) will be enough for you to retire comfortably. With our simple and effective planning techniques, we can help you create a clear picture of what to expect upon retirement.

Create a Complete Investment Portfolio Designed to Help Achieve Your Retirement Objective.

Once you have clearly defined your retirement objectives and know where you are going, we can help you review your portfolio to make sure it fits your goals. Also, we take into consideration your tolerance for risk, your investment experience, and your time horizon.

Avoid Making Costly Mistakes

There is a lot you must consider when planning for your retirement. We can help you avoid making costly mistakes by ensuring you fully understand the benefits, features, costs, and charges of the investments approved by your school district.

“Schooled” Retirement Planning for Educators


Schooled details Wade’s three-decade tenure in various roles within the school employee retirement industry. This book serves as an ideal introduction to those seeking to expand their knowledge of the retirement planning process. In a concise, easy-to-understand format, Schooled emphasizes fundamental principles of retirement planning for educators.

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